Redefining the Industry 

We at Candle are focused on making the word professional in professional services worthwhile, being one of the fastest-growing industries there often lacks a sense of quality and safety in the electrical and construction industry. Candle is the simple answer to world-class technology and practices being accessible to a place were unfortunately professional services are still a luxury, we believe that quality of service and a responsible work culture is of almost importance to our people. 

Our company is named after the simplest innovations that mankind had made and is still standing as an improbable invention and an inevitable light source, the Candle. We believe Candle as an iconic example for innovation, simplicity and robustness.

Founded by Five Engineers who believed  that doing something worthwhile in this unforgiving industry is more important than choosing the lab-rat life and passing by, Candle now made it possible that we can't  just do something, rather that we CAN Do Literally Everything true to the acronym that we intended. 

We are not here to have a share of the market of the industry, we are here to redefine it. We at Candle believe that Quality, Safety and Convenience should not be just a luxury it should be the standard. Candle promises a future where it will be the same calendar world wide in case of technology, quality, convenience and quality of life.

Our Top Clients

Plastic Free 2021

Plastics make our lives easier in many ways and are often lighter or less expensive than alternative materials. However, if they are not properly disposed of or recycled, they will end up in… 

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Safer Internet Day

With the digital realm impeding on almost every inch of our daily lives, it can be hard to be mindful of its impacts. It is important to manage our online wellbeing and build digital… 

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Workers Memorial Day 2021

Staff across the group have been taking part in a toolbox talk and a minute’s silence for Workers Memorial Day to pause, reflect and remember workers who have lost their lives or have been… 

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