Candela - The Do Literally Everything Store

Making lives easier has always been a challenge that gathered much love at Candle, We envisioned a store front where the customer can choose their tools and hardware as simple as they shop at a supermarket, Even when candle services offer every possible professional work to our customers we encourage more people to break the ice about Doing things yourselves, and having your own arsenal of tools to be prepared for anything that life throws at you.

Candela is is not a single focus store for electricians, handymen and workers but offers its services to all peoples from homeowners to engineering students.

Candela Superstores at your location will house all Electrical goods, Hardware Items, Professional Tools, Electronics and much more.

We at Candle has always been up at supporting the maker community and providing inspiration to them for the hobbyist and engineers all around. Our Product offerings of Candle One Dev kits and much more will be available at Candela.

Candle Design Studios will be an integral part of Candela Superstores where customers can get a helping hand in designing everything and everywing that Candle Services offers.

We are Candle!

Making Life Easier